Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area 51 – Part 2
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Hello and welcome back to the most amazing channel on the internet. I am your hostest with the mostest knowledge of horrifying places….bear that in mind as we chat the Top 10 Places Scarier that Area 51 part 2…. Landon did part one… he wants me to do part two…so you’re in for a treat.

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  1. The happiest place on earth for me had to be in my my grandfather’s arms, fore every time he would embrace me i would feel loved, and safe (which i have never had an easy time with feeling safe for almost my entire life as i have been subjected to one cataclysmic event atfer another since i was about six years old.) Unfortunately for me, my grandfather passed in June and with him he has taken my childhood home in which i had lived in for 21 years, my sense of safety and happiness, my perception of beauty in the world, my heart aswell as my humanity, and most importantly my reason to be a kind, humble person and furthermore my reason to achieve in life by becoming an even better healer seeing as i could stop a person from committing suicide by reminding them of their reasons to live or if they had none then finding one for them or stopping a person from murdering another by reminding them of their morales and if they have none than talking them down to see that there’s another way to solve their problem and to still satisfy their rage, and in those whom have hurt one another to get them to reconcile. But healing ones mind is easier than healing ones body without education or training but unfortunately healing bodies is alot less boring than healing minds, because in order to heal the mind you have to listen to the mouth its attached to talk about its own insignificant small problems and than provide answers to them for their problems that oftan also have to easy to do seeing as those whom have those problems are lazy and oftan bring these problems upon themselves, then they by twisting around and stretching the truth try to paint themselves as an blameless victim.

  2. I have a few happy places I like. Unvirsle studies and islands of adventure and all 4 Disneyworld parks and also Bush gardens Tampa. I like riding all the coasters and rides there . I’m so glad I live close to each park and have season passes for it. 😍 awesome video by the way.

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