Top 10 Scary Things Found In Abandoned Places
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Top 10 Teenagers Freaking Out After A Life Sentence – Part 2

Now I for one would never enter an abandoned building or house. I’ve watched and learned from too many horror films that that is never a good idea and it never ends well. What if i go in there and find a murderous maniac who was just camped there waiting for an unsuspecting victim like me. What if i find a body the possibilities are endless and scary and i am not here for it.

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  1. Geez Louweez… Couldn’t you have at least like have your mother in a coffin… Like gosh…

  2. I was born in Bronx in 2004 then my family moved to Stigler Oklahoma where I was raised then my family moved to Broken Arrow then we moved to another section in Broken Arrow and my house is about 4 stories so yeah I live in Broken Arrow Oklahoma

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