10 Deep Sea Creatures You Don’t Want To Meet

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Say goodbye to the days when the worst thing you were scared of was a shark, or the ghost of that strange woman that keeps passing by your doorway every night. Those fears are behind you, because starting today, you’ll never sleep again – thinking only about these Deep Sea Creatures. Oh, you thought Piranhas were bad? They look like adorable river puppies next to the ten creatures we have on our list today. Follow me to the land of the Top 10 Deep Sea Creatures You Don’t Want to Meet!

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  1. Hello ? Jim ? very nice ? video today my friend cool ? fishing ? you have my friend ??

  2. Actually you got one thing wrong the angler fish does not eat the male the male attaches on to the female angler skin since the male angler is a lot bigger than the male angler and after the male angler attaches onto the skin the body slowly infuses to the female’s body and yes she does get an infinite supply of fresh semen to reproduce but the male is technically still alive and just gets essential fluids through the female it looks like a weird growth but it is a male angler and it is technically still alive

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