Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! You may think our world is scary, but imagine living in it during a time where monsters were thought to rule the land, air, and seas. Mythological creatures and cryptids have mostly faded in our era of logic and science, but there was a time where people thought the world was a place of gods and monsters. These ten mythological and fantastical creatures were amongst the scariest to haunt the Philippines and bring terror to Filipino men, women, and children.

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10. Bakunawa
9. Kapre
8. Aswang
7. Amalanhig
6. Tikbalang
5. Bal-Bal
4. Berberoka
3. Manananggals
2. Nuno
1. Tiyanak

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  1. I am so proud that Mr. Jim has featured our local cryptids from the Philippines in this video! My grandfather to my father side has a tikbalang friend but he is unable to pass on his charm to my father, guess my father doen’t want to have luck that has dire consequences once in a while.

    Though it a real challenge to see a tikbalang by the night or a kapre too. For manananggal, we have them cause mass hysteria especially during the summer months. Tiktiks are also scary cyptids as well here~

  2. Tiyanak are scary…especially that old 80’s movie titled Tiyanak. ugh..and your vid icon of this clip is the one from that movie! who needs sleep anyways eheheh

  3. I love your videos so much I got a lot of them but not all of them I like And subscribe and tournament notification

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