Top 10 Scary Deep Forest Stories
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Welcome back everyone, today were going deep into the woods. By day, they can be beautiful places, full of animals and plants – but by night, they can scare people out of their minds. There’s something about the trees that attracts and scares people at the same time. Perhaps you’ll be more scared by the time this video is over. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Depp Forest Stories.

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  1. These scary in the woods stories are very good. If you say you have enough stories to make 10 more parts I would humbly request that you go ahead and get started on the next part because I very very much like the story and these kinds of stories. Thanks for such a great video, great Channel, and such awesome hosts and hostess. Keep up the great work and keep it coming. I would also ask that if you go back to the scary urban legends from the U.S.A. would you please do urban legends from my home state of Florida. if not from the United States could you do scary urban legends from Czechoslovakia, Prague and the Congo? Thanks again!

  2. Always learn from your lists. Reading a book now set in Jamaica and a character mentioned Duppies! I knew right off what they were from your Jamaican Urban Legends list!

  3. This isn’t going to give me nightmares at all.
    On the bright side, your hair looks extra awesome today Danny?

  4. Goddammit Danny!!! I was watching this video and just hearing you talk slowly made me fall asleep. (Your voice is soothing.)

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