Top 10 Scariest SCP Creatures
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The SCP Foundation is a web based collective who record and describe creatures that violate natural law. Some call it horror, science fiction, or fantasy – but the people who compile the Wiki page take it very seriously indeed. Fiction or not, when you hear about some of the creatures the SCP has come into contact with, you’ll take them seriously too. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 SCP Scariest Creatures.

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  1. My faves were mentioned MaL0 and Ronald Reagan All Cut Up While Talking. Both are technically safe tough MaL0 is known for following people both are basically contained and MaL0 seems overly friendly. Though scary you can see that some SCPs are innocent occurences that don’t wanna hurt anyone where as others…..well The Old Man, The Plague Doctor, and The Sculpture are evidence of what others are like. Very unfortunate is one safe and not very creepy unless you fear spiders SCP has a storyline mentioning it was killed and it’s children are being tested to see if they show the same nature as it.

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