Top 10 Scary Places On Earth You Should Never Visit – Part 2
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So a little while ago I went threw some of the nastier corners of the internet to put together a list of the scariest places on earth. It was a huge hit, it seems like a lot of you out there really want to know where not to travel. It makes a lot of sense, imagine you try to go on a romantic getaway and end up on snake island. Then your partner has to get venom out of your leg and your travel insurance doesn’t cover venomous snake bites, and then you get in a fight about how you said you wanted to get the venomous snake bite insurance and they’re like well it was your idea to come here. And next thing you know your divorced. So, in an effort to save some more marriages and entertain all the fine folks at home I’ve put together another list of Top 10 Scary Places on earth you should never visit PART 2.

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