Top 10 Most Secure Places In The World
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There are many scary places on earth. But how about the most secure places in the world? Watch as we will give you the Top 10 Most Secure Places In The World.
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  1. If the underground bunker is watching the airspace, then you know “they know” when U.F.O’s are coming through. Oh, they know!

  2. I got locked in a work search place,, I knew where a couple of the employees were so I set off the alarm system when I opened the front door, went across the street and got him. I was so quiet that nobody knew I was still there when they all left. 😂😂😂

    Cheyenne is pronounced Shy-anne

  3. So is the Rogers’s Family in the Vault? Should be. We are important people too!😜😘✌👑🍦💯

  4. Oh my goodness, Rebecca, that color really brings out your skin tone. You really look good today. Always a pleasure to see you, and hear your accent. Very nice! Is that a peach tone>

  5. When I was like 8 or so I was locked inside my parents car after dance class in our own driveway. I was stuck there for 5 or so minutes but I was freaking out. All due to I was engrossed in my ds and my dad did not realize I was still in.

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