Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area 51
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Well I am officially creeped out and very curious to all of these conspiracies that has been going on. On September 20th over 1.3 million people and this number could be much higher and even doubled by than but people are serious thinking about storming area 51. The military are aware that a million people might be trespassing through a highly classified restricted zone and they will be taking action. What the course of action will be I really don’t know. But what if we really do find Aliens or something from the future hidden in Area 51. Would America try and over throw the government because they have been hiding huge secrets from us?

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  1. Oh, come on, Landon, you have no excuse for the way you mispronounced Cheyenne. None. They are only the most well known Native tribe still around.

  2. I have high hopes for the storming of Area51. I hope that before it takes place they can create beanbags that can be fired out of the SAW and 50 cal so all these morons can be mowed down… and maybe I’d be able to borrow it to punish him for everytime he’s said “is this real life right now”

  3. Area 51 could have a machine that takes us to games,tv shows,and movies and i mean like you can talk to the characters a they respond to what ever you say

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