Top 10 Mysterious Items Of The Occult
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I Love this weird creepy stuff, even though everything to do with occult is usually dark, it still makes wonder if there actually is magic in the world. Even if that magic can only happen by sacrificing a vessel and then having a demon give you nightmares for the rest of your miserable life. And it really doesn’t matter if you believe in this stuff, just knowing that there are people out there performing rituals and practicing witchcraft can creep you out. I bet even if your the most atheist, unimaginative, logical person out there you would still be weirded out by some of the stuff we have on todays list of top 10 mysterious items of the occult.

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  1. You cover the mirrors when someone dies so that the soul won’t become trapped. You stop the clocks and cover the mirrors to prove to the soul that it has to move on

  2. What about the cursed chair that was cursed by a criminal that said whoever sat on his chair would die or the car parts that were owned by James Dean’s car he died in and caused accidents to those that reused the parts for their own cars…

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