Top 10 Scary Disney Pixar Theories
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Disney and Pixar have been entertaining us with family friendly content for a very long time. For most of us, Disney and Pixar movies hold a very special place in our hearts despite these movies continuously having gruesome murders, poor orphaned kids and a lot of misery. Just when you thought Disney and Pixar couldn’t get any darker, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

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  1. Gaston?? That’s clayton from Tarzan. I was confused at first did you mistaken clayton for gaston?

  2. You may know by now, but you skipped depression in the grief bit….but still a good video bro, much love Landon!

  3. Love your show Landon but whenever you did the Gaston one at the beginning of it that was not Gaston that was the evil dude off Tarzan

  4. *talking about Gaston from Beauty and the Beast*
    *uses screen caps of Clayton from Tarzan*
    LOL Made my night

  5. Apparently Disney owns Pornhub too since they almost own everything including Fox and Marvel ( MCU )

  6. Two things. Cocaine doesn’t make you hallucinate, and there was an idea in Roger Rabbit that Judge Doom (aka Baron von Rotten) was the one who killed Bambi’s mother.

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