Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Picture it: You’re sitting at home watching reruns of My 600 lb Life when suddenly, the screen goes black. A lone man pops onto your screen. and says: “Hey YouTube, Jimsie here! Welcome to Top10Archive!” Creepy, right? Well, maybe it would belong on this list of the top ten creepiest broadcast interruptions.

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10. The Zombie Alert
9. Vrillon
8. Captain Midnight Attacks HBO
7. The Anti-Hezbollah Propaganda
6. The Playboy Interruption
5. Interrupting Mayday
4. The Pretty Things
3. Max Headroom
2. The Czech Nuclear Blast
1. War with the United States

Voice Over Talent:


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  1. I never stumbled into something like that.
    But number 1 must be very creepy to the people in the middle of the cold war. Or it was a test…

  2. #4 sounds like bullplop to me, i did a little search for it and it all seems bogus. Can you link your source about that please?

  3. Number 4 (The Wyoming incident) was part of an ARG and didn’t actually happen.

    I was rooting for you! You were doing so well!

    Still a good list. I’ve watched tons of these kind of videos and I was impressed that it wasn’t just a rehash of the same few items.

    • Good catch! We spend a great deal on researching and uniquely writing our scripts.. I have NO idea how that one got through!

    • I just made a post for you under our community tab on here. If you have problems finding it, we also made a post on our FB fan page. It’ll have the link and the directions you’ll need to get your own! 🙂

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