Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive. Once buildings of knowledge, the abandoned structures contained within this Archive have withered away over the years to become decapitated houses for the unknown. Stand silently in the empty hallways of these creepy abandoned schools found around the world and you may hear the ghostly echoes of life through the hollow halls.
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10. Whiddy Island National School, County Cork, Ireland
9. Edmonton High School, Edmonton, Kentucky
8. Tom School for Boys, Port Deposit, Maryland
7. Chianan Home Economics Vocational High School, Taichung, Taiwan
6. Holley High School, New York
5. Minamikawa Elementary School, Japan
4. Middle School Number 3, Pripyat, Ukraine
3. Lillesden School for Girls, Kent, England
2. Bennett College, Millbrook, New York
1. Anderlecht Veterinary School, Brussels, Belgium


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  1. I love this series of creepy videos, the voice of Jim is perfect for every one of them (creepy or not).

    • Narrator says: Thanks! You’re welcome to check out my Facebook page: jimdenisonvoice … that’s actually my full-time business. Got any suggestions for what kind of voice over work you think I be best at?

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