Hey YouTube, do you ever find yourself curious about the relics of history scattered across the globe? I’m not so much talking about ancient artifacts lost over time but entire towns that, for any number of reasons, have become completely derelict. These so-called “ghost towns” are often shrouded in a dark or dramatic past, one we aim to uncover as we explore the top ten creepiest ghost towns around the world.

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10. Bodie, California
9. Santa Claus, Golden Valley, Arizona
8. Capel Celyn, Wales
7. Hashima Island, Japan
6. Kayakoy, Turkey
5. Belchite, Spain
4. Pompeii, Italy
3. Plymouth, Montserrat
2. Tawergha, Lybia
1. Oradour-sur-Glane, France


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  1. One thing I would love to see a video done on it’s one thing I’ve never seen yet I live in Connecticut USA and there’s a Ghost Town in the northwest corner of the state it was known as Dudleyville it is near Cornwall Connecticut if that helps you located at all if you able to find anything on it I’ve been able to find little information on the town itself and apparently so I’ve been told you’re not allowed to visit it and if you try to get chased off I have wanted to test the visit anyway the only reason I have not is cuz I don’t live near the town I’m in the state but it’s still over an hour away from me I would absolutely love it if you could either do video just on that or at the very least mention in a video

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