Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Their sole intention is to sell us on a product or service, but if the history of commercials has shown anything, it’s that there’s no one right way to do so. Take, for instance, these gems which are all so incredibly strange and unsettling that they’ve landed in our Archive of the top ten creepiest commercials ever to be aired.

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10. Fragile Childhood – Monsters

9. McDonald’s – Magical Hamburgers

8. Bluetongue Brewery – Whale Safe

7. Dirt Devil

6. Co-Operative Bank – V-69 Bounding Landmine

5. “Daisy”

4. Baby Laugh-A-Lot

3. The Drowning Simulator

2. K-Fee – Wide Awake

1. Autoway’s Terrifying Tires

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  1. fucking K-Fee. that does not make me want to buy coffee. That makes me question the sanity of the person that made that commercial. a friend showed me that when I was in Elementary school and it scared me senseless back then. I ended up shooting his computer with a toy crossbow by accident of course.

  2. Brr….the first commercial was really creepy because of that monster rabbit. That’s creepy! I take it back; the Baby-Laughs A Lot is scary!

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