Top 10 Unexplained Ocean Mysteries
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Unsolved ocean mysteries just seem scary, don’t they? Whether it’s the story of the Salish Sea feet – severed feet that wash up on the shores of British Columbia and Washington, the ghost ship known as the S.S. Baychimo, unexplained whale deaths in the Gulf of Alaska or the good old Bermuda Triangle, there are some creepy ocean mysteries that can’t be explained. WatchMojo counts down ten unbelievable ocean mysteries.

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00:37 #10: The Devil’s Sea
01:32 #9: The Bermuda Triangle
02:38 #8: Murder At Sea
03:29 #7: Sarah Joe & The Buried Jawbone
04:15 #6: Whale Deaths in the Gulf of Alaska
05:03 #5: Bermeja Island
06:08 #4: S.S Baychimo: Ghost Ship of the Arctic
06:57 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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  1. Heard a very convincing theory about the Mary Celeste that there was like a
    gas leak or something that led to the crew panicking and abandoning ship…
    yet it was actually harmless

  2. How about why species of fish we once thought extinct suddenly show up
    again after so many years of being thought dead

  3. But on a side note, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is one of the most underrated
    movie ever. It’s one of my favorites

  4. Sometimes i wonder who the person is at Watchmojo going like: “We’re making
    a video on ocean mysteries. Remember that scene in South Park from season
    3, back in the late 90’s where KoRn got lost and looked at a map. Let’s use
    that as a reference to the Bermeja Island segment”

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