Reddit has gathered a reputation as the internet’s Scooby Gang, and for better or worse, its crowdsourced investigations get results… even if they’re not the right ones. From the Subway Cipher to the Box of Crazy, here’s 10 Mysteries Uncovered on Reddit.

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  1. Reddit theorise about stuff so media made news about it and turned out to be wrong, but blame reddit? fucking hell.

  2. The bible depicting interactions with extraterrestrials is ludicrous? Learn some stuff about Sumerian history/”mythos”

  3. I wished there was subtitles like the older videos. It makes the videos watchable if i ever forget my earphones or of i didnt understand what was said properly. The youtube subtitles don’t blend in with the video and isnt nice to look at. I might be nitpicking but i wanted to say my opinion.

  4. A guy posted on r/whatisthisthing (I think) something he found in his yard. He was told it was a land mine and was never heard from again.

  5. Why didn’t you actually say what it was found in #1???? You distinctly outlined the violent act, sans discovery, but the discovery is not described ***at all***!

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