Whether or not Trump decides to start bombing it into the ground, North Korea is probably somewhere you don’t want to be. From swimming across the ocean to sneaking out of labor camps, here are 10 Ways To Escape North Korea…

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    • Neither, because regimes are not stupid, I lived in one. Take the border guard example, you yourself confirm at least twice, it’s an option where you selfishly abandon your loved ones, whom you know will get into work camps.

      The only feasible way is to earn the favor of system as a neutral or loyal citizen, become a model (insert ideology here) member of the party, spend a few years abroad and bolt then. Currently the safest way is for pensioners of old age who can visit relatives separated by the war, their defection isn’t punished and is barely registered.

  1. Just say on camera that Trump has a small cock. Then use the gills you got from mutation due to radiation poisoning and swim to SK.

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