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There are many civilizations that have long disappeared from the face of the earth. The Asumite Empire, the Nabataeans, and the Minoan Civilization are all no longer around, along with a few other civilizations that have vanished. WatchMojo counts down 10 civilizations that mysteriously faded away.

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#10. The Aksumite Empire [aka Kingdom of Aksum]
#9. Nabataeans
#8. CucuteniTrypillia Culture
#7. Turquoise Mountain [aka Firozkoh]
#6. Olmec Civilization
#5. Çatalhöyük
#4. Minoan Civilization

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  1. I must not have been paying attention or something….. Did Native Americans not get mentioned? or is it because they are still there not just as many. Kind of confused why they wouldnt be in this video honestly

  2. Hello, research Mojo! There are over 5 million Mayan people still alive today and living in Hondurus, Southern Mexico, and the countries between. They have even been relearning their culture and language. You should say the Ancient Mayan, not the Mayan as a whole, as the modern Mayan are indeed alive and well. Their decline was due to drought, plague, and being assimilated into the conquering Spanish and Portuguese settler groups. True, the ancient culture and language have to be rediscovered, but even Ancient Norse has to be rediscovered by modern Norwegian (Norse), and no one is saying the Norse civilization disappeared, just changed.

  3. The indus valley civilozation is the only civilazation that began the trade links in indian subcontienent. Excavations led by pakistani scientist and europeon archeaologist discovered that the location where mohenjo daro is located was actually nuked. Nobody knows how 4000 years ago,atomic explosion occured in such a remote location

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