From the mysterious to the downright spooky. Supposedly unexplainable photos constanty appear on the web. But we have deciphered 10 of them in order to bring you the truth!

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  1. 6:07 For the Americans, since it’s not very common to say from what I’ve seen, the “naughties” means the 2000s or “00s.” Naught = 0. That’s why you sometimes hear Brits saying “point naught naught one.” It means .001.

  2. 5.3 subs 1k+ likes in 5 hours . ahahah your channel is dying so fast RIP ” AllTime10’s 2018 “

  3. If the skunk apes an orangutan than I’m a giraffe. A dude in a suit yeah, an orangutan nah.

  4. Can’t agree with that last one, so out of the ordinary plus he just does look like a modern man, haircut, style, facial features etc

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