Want to know how he got those scars? He’s the Joker baby! For this list we’ll be looking at the most insane moments featuring everyone’s favorite clown prince of crime.

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  1. Killing Robin! Shooting and crippling Barbara Gordon and having Jim crawling naked through a maze with pictures of his daughter.Where the heck are those?! Worst thing about that is when Batman chatches The Joker…they share a laugh. Still disguts me to this day. Oh yeah the Joker movie is crap. Why is it only the Arkham games gets it right. Have the people who create those stories write a script. Fat Joker Jack was horrible. Leto’s portrayal was just as bad. Nolan lied to us by promised us the film would loosely follow The Killing Joke. Instead we get Ledger running around in make-up. If Ledger were alive his Joker portrayal doesn’t even get nominated. Instead Heath gets the Oscar posthumously. When an Oscar is given that way it tarnishes the award. Vote for the acting not about the circumstances of the actor .

  2. “Which mask is real Batman? The one that hides your face and the one that is your face? As you can see I shed mine…why not yours?”

    I know this is not a real quote but I can imagine Joker saying that for number 1

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