Joaquin Phoenix is among the greatest talents of his generation, but that does not mean he has had an easy life. In this video, we will be attempting to better understand the man behind the many roles, as we explore the Heartbreaking Life of Joaquin Phoenix. Did any of these tragic facts about Joaquin Phoenix surprise you? Let us know in the comments

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  1. My favorite actor.
    I’m so happy he wasn’t serious when he said he was finished acting, or that he had a change of heart if he was!

  2. That’s when you know that the internet is stalking…yikes lol.
    I had just wrote about this the other day, and here it is ‘ the full story none the less.
    How ironic huh

  3. WOW you actually have a name!!! I thought you were just thinking Watch Mojo lady 😅😅😅

  4. Didn’t know he was born in my Island of Enchantment Puerto Rico when his parents were part of the Cult plus was also a Child Star

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