Top 10 Problems With the Joker Nobody Wants to Admit
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The Joker is one of the greatest villains of all time, not just in comics but in all of storytelling, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. These are some of the problems with the concept and character of the Joker that hardcore fans don’t want to admit.

Why Joaquin Phoenix Is Meant To Be The Joker:

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List Entries and Rank:
10: He Was Only Meant to Be in One Issue
9: Gaggy Gagsworthy
8: Solo Joker Comics Don’t Sell
7: He’s Not Crazy
6: ‘Harley & Joker’ Is Toxic
5: He’s Not Funny
4: Batman’s Greatest Enemy?
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. i think you guys are judging the joker in the wrong direction.
    The writers at the time of writing had NO IDEA what the joker would eventually be
    this is why there was so much change..every incarnation of the joker got stale quick until someone else
    wrote for him.
    We view history differently then people can view the future.
    History has facts and the future has hope.
    i dont think any of these are “problems” as much as its the order of how it is.
    Remember the reason the joker wasnt in Batman begins is because they were afraid the joker would be stale.
    they had to do alot of revamping and set a new ground for a new joker.
    Suicide squad DID NOT DO THIS
    in BVS they reverted back to “lets not use the joker” and in suicide squad they said
    “we missed out using the joker lets do what we did before” and it..FAILED

  2. In Arkham asylum comic, is say that the personality of the joker is variable, because sometime he can be a humoristic clown or other times he can be a psycho killer. That explains very well why in some comics he acts like a clown, especially on 50s and 60s comics, where the Joker was not a big deal and he also had the joker mobile. But in other comics he acts like an psycho, like in the comics death in the family, the killing joke, etc.

  3. In the comics Joker was a failure comedian, so that’s means that he wasn’t good with jokes, so is normal that he can’t said good jokes.

  4. “No remorse and no-empathy.” Isn’t that a sociopath and not psychopath. And while we’re at it; Joker was never supposed to be “Funny.” And I’ll be honest most animated versions of him are pretty entertaining and funny.

  5. Reaching quite a bit on number 10 because just because a character sticks around longer than originally planned doesn’t mean it’s a problem. I mean Spike wasn’t supposed to be around long, but he became 1 of the most popular characters on Buffy and then Angel.

  6. Yeah I’m terrified of clowns but I never considered the Joker as a clown, sure he uses clown related stuff and makes jokes but I don’t count him as a clown, im not scared of him and besides he only became like this after falling in a pool chemicals.

  7. Love joker a do my hair like Queen as in black and red hair queen 👸🏼 😎💃🏻🤟🏻

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