There is no doubt Mark Hamill is known for playing some of the most iconic characters in popular culture. With his role as Chucky in the new film “Childs Play” we are taking a look back at his Top 10 Greatest Characters! Who do YOU think is Mark Hamill’s greatest character? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. At first I thought Skips was played by John DiMaggio since his voice sounds a bit like BoBo HaHa.

  2. I also didn’t know about that Studio Ghibli film or Trickster. What? I have never heard or seen the trickster before although I do know of Hobgoblin

  3. Ok I knew him as the Joker and Skips but Luke Skywalker? That was him?! I remember seeing the one where he was a young pod racer and the one with Darth Vader’s famous quote. I am astounded! I had no idea! Wow! Mind blown!

  4. Did you just put The Joker in 2nd?
    Blasphemy! Luke belongs in second, only because Mark has done more work as the Joker

  5. Omg bruh when the honorable mention of Reverend George played I high key thought that was Sebastian Stan, he really is his father huh?

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