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Steel for humans, Silver for Monsters and great games for amazing characters! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Characters from the Witcher Video Games!

#10. Olgierd von Everec
#9. Regis
#8. Letho
#7. Dijkstra
#6. Zoltan Chivay
#5. Triss Merigold
#4. Dandelion
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Yeah, what a surprise.. no mention of a character straight from TW1 or TW2 – those characters that show up in all Witcher games or those who were introduced in TW2 and appeared in TW3 don’t count.. where is Iorveth, Saskia, Foltest, Sheala, trolls from Flotsam, Henselt, Jacques de Aldersberg, Vincent Meis, Kalkstein, etc. ?

  2. In novels Geralt first meets Regis in 5th book “Baptism by Fire” (also when he first met Zoltan Chivey) and Regis didn’t have a mule at the time, he “disguised” himself as a doctor/herbalist of sorts… Gathering herbs at the ancient elven cemetery.
    Regis being butchered by peasants isn’t why Geralt surprised to see him – Regis was blown into dust by a extremely powerful sorcerer, also that’s partially why killing Dettlaff made to be “such a big deal” in Blood and Wine. Funny thing – characters actually mention EXACTLY THAT, when Geralt first meets Regis at the warehouse right after first fight with Dettlaff in the expansion.
    The incident with peasants happened prior Geralt met Regis… Liiiike 100-200 years prior…

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  4. Yennerfer number 4, #trissmerigold number 3 at least and ciri number 2 and Gerald number 1 like this should have been

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