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With so many contenders for the throne, we needed twice the list to rank the best Game of Thrones characters. Today we’ll be going over the best characters from the massive cast of Game of Thrones. We’ll be including heroes, villains, and everyone in between! WatchMojo ranks the greatest Game of Thrones characters. Who’s your favorite Game of Thrones character? Let us know in the comments!

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  2. Hold up you guys put Bran AKA the biggest waste of screen time and Samwell in this list But not Ramsay, Oberyn, Jorah, Dario Naharis, Grey worm,khal drogo,yigrette shit not even stannis and euron who yes are far better characters then Bran and samwell? So not only is the order of your list fucked up but also the people in it!!!

  3. My top 10:
    1) Sansa Stark
    2) Brienne of Tarth
    3) Theon Greyjoy
    4) Jon Snow
    5) Jaime Lannister
    6) Arya Stark
    7) Cersei Lannister
    8) Ned Stark
    9) Varys
    10) Jorah Mormont

  4. Theon was beautifully tragic and Lyanna Mormont was amazing but they didn’t get honorable mentions

  5. Margaery not being on this list is fucked up man. She was perfect and would have been an amazing queen (still love Dany though)

  6. How tf is bran on this list I hate bran I wish he’d died when Jaime pushed him how is he “fascinating” he’s the most boring character and a waste of screen time he takes up too much time in episodes I always skip his scenes but boy this list is all types of fucked up bran is just one of the many problems with this list

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