Winter is here! We are SO excited for the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, and we can’t help but speculate how this rollercoaster of a TV show is going to end! So on that basis, here are our 10 Ways Game of Thrones Could End…

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  1. Ending 11: the camera zooms out and we find out it was all happening inside of a blue eyed giant called Macumber

  2. white walkers should win this. but again they will be miraculously get defeated by a typical Hollywood script last min rescue and re-attack. and then we have a happy ending.

  3. There will be noone on the throne..
    I think they will abolish the monarchy and the ppl of the 7kingdoms will elect their first leader/president/king.
    The whole series is about making ppl free, what is the next step after being freed? 😀 maybe exercise your freedom nah?

    The best outcome is what noone expects, everyone expects someone to take the throne, noone expects that noone will.

  4. Number 7 is probably not true. If you saw the new season’s trailer, Jon’s statue is the only one shown as an older person. He clearly survives.

  5. Really hate if that does happen for Tyrion. I hate how the show erases the moral grayness of Tyrion and turns him into a noble hero. Tyrion pledged in A Dance With Dragons that he wanted to rape and kill Cersei. The mere idea that Tyrion would betray Dany for Cersei is just laughable.

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