There’s no greater enemies in all of Comic Books! For this video we’re taking a look back at the dynamic history between Batman and The Joker.

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  1. the people running this channel are nothing but imbeciles running out of ideas 🤣 nothing but 🤡🤡🤡 running this channel

  2. another masturbation video for the most over-rated and ridiculously overpowered (thanks to the writers stroking while writing him) character in comic history

  3. Seems like a lot of story and background to try to stuff into just a tiny 5 minute video. I imagine you could spent a good hour on it in order to really give all the necessary details.

  4. This “not quite at the end” shit is awful. Definitely distinguishes the old videos from the new in a way that frustrates the hell out of me.

  5. I love how batman and joker are two sides of the same coin so to speak. One personifies justice and order so to speak and the other stands for chaos. I know it can be like that for a lot of characters always interesting to think about though.

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