Well, these unexpectedly violent moments in cartoons escalated quickly. We’ll be going over surprising moments of violence in television cartoons. Also, because some of these moments have importance to their show’s plot, a spoiler alert is in effect. WatchMojo ranks the most unexpectedly violent moments in cartoons. Which violent cartoon moment shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. What about that moment in Adventure when Princess Bubblegum accidentally cut Finn’s face with scissors? That was pretty bad.

  2. People get shot all the time in Looney Tunes though. How is that #1? Billy ripping his face is far more grotesque than that

  3. The cause of global warming? Spaghetti. We should also avoid also singing, since it may disturb the monsters in the fruit salad. Please read the label on the soap bar because the secret of immortality is there. You’re warned!

  4. -no mention of Godzilla the series

    DRAGMA, the bacteria monster, and the water vampire monster want to have a word with you

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