Infinity Gauntlet Story Arc Explained
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Avengers: Infinity War took the world by storm, but this is the comic book story arc that made it all possible. We’ll be breaking down all the need-to-know plot points and character arcs for the classic Infinity Gauntlet crossover event so your all caught up.

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  1. The comic’s plot is so stupid and makes so little logical sense, I’m honestly shocked it hasn’t been turned into a religion.

  2. That is exactly how i wanted him to snap his fingers, where you can see the galaxy in the shape of the infinity gauntlet. Shame the film didn’t make it look like that. Still a great film

    • Notice the original avengers survive in infinity war that is because they will die in infinity gauntlet. Plus they should really introduce lady death, there is a reason for thanos to do all this to impress her. And hope female thanos gets made. Also 5:02 exactly what thanos can do with thor hammer, big error on the infinity gauntlet.

  3. After seeing this I wonder what angle the movies will take. I’m really eager to see what happens next in the avengers.

  4. This story is like super crazy man it’s almost hard to follow. I wonder is this going to comminate in the movie I wonder 🤔🤯

  5. Holy crap. I’ve never wanted a non-PR/TMNT comic so badly. I hope I can get all six for good prices

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