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In 34 seasons of Survivor, this competition show has had its fair share of crazy moments. We’ll be looking at moments such as when Mike Skupin falls into the fire, when Parvati plays two idols, the Becky vs. Sundra Fire Challenge, when Jeff Varner outs Zeke Smith, when Jonny Fairplay lied about his grandma dying, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 craziest Survivor moments.

#10. Becky vs. Sundra Fire Challenge
#9. #ImmunityTrain
#8. Caleb Collapses
#7. Randy Plays Bob’s Fake Idol
#6. Parvati Plays Two Idols
#5. Mike Skupin Falls in the Fire
#4. Jonny Fairplay & the Dead Grandma Lie
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. I remember watching Jon lie about his grandma as a kid and I thought he was an asshole. Now, I think it’s like the funniest thing ever.

  2. While I give major kudos to WM for publishing a Survivor list, this is a terrible list. Idol plays should be on their own list while another chunk are from fairly recent seasons. The #1 pick just aired months ago! One of the honorable mentions- Jenna and Heidi taking off their clothes- should’ve been on the list easily. I think these should’ve made the list easily:

    -The purple rock draw in Marquesas
    -the Outcasts twist
    -Tom Westman killing a shark with a machete
    -The Dream-Yau Man car deal

  3. Parvati’s play is one of if not the best plays in survivor history. That entire season is where survivor kinda peaked in my view. But Johnny fairplay is the most hilarious thing that ever happened on the show… Also Zeke getting outed is not the craziest thing to ever happen on the show, it was a very minor thing, kinda insane if you actually think that’s the craziest or biggest moment to ever happen on the show. Your on a show about deception and you weren’t being honest with people about your gender, in my view it is totally fair game for him to out Zeke on the show. Just like it would have been ok for someone to out Tony for being a cop when he lied about it on earlier seasons. If you don’t want anyone to know something, don’t tell them on a show about backstabbing people…

  4. Great moments from a great show! One of the greatest! Loved it since the start! Miss the old setup though.

  5. I think the worst survivor moment is that Ozzy has never won. In my eyes he was the best to ever play the game. If people would vote strictly on gameplay and not with hurt feelings it’d be a great thing.

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