Top 10 Craziest Celebrity Lawsuits

These celebrities can’t lose with any dignity, and will sue someone for the most crazy reasons! The late, great Prince was known for having a legal team that will sue anyone and everyone, but do you know the true story of Michael Jackson and Billie Jean? Did you know that 50 Cent sued Taco Bell? And even innocent Zoey Deschanel isn’t free of a crazy lawsuit, as the New Girl actress was sued by a horse owner.

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00:34 #10. Heckard v. Jordan and Heckard v. Nike
01:27 #9. Van Muyden v. Taylor
02:19 #8. Parker v. Deschanel
03:07 #7. Jackson v. Taco Bell
03:53 #6. Lohan v. ETrade
04:44 #5. Prince v. His Own Fans
05:39 #4. Jackson v. Jackson
06:36 #3, #2 & #1. ????

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    • I don’t think it was the trauma of the stolen chicken that hurt her singing
      career, I think it was the lack of talent’

  1. seems like everyone in america wants to sue someone for something yet in
    the uk this is so unheard of

  2. Lindsay is a common name, remember Lindsay Wagner for example, so how does
    Lindsay Lohan know they were talking about her. Not like Britney as more
    people have the name Britanny. So Britney is a unique name as far as I
    know. Probably more of a chance with the video game as looks more like
    Lindsay Lohan than the baby did, how does the baby look like Lindsay Lohan?

  3. How is it a crazy lawsuit if someone injured another persons horse?
    Especially if they had to pay vet bills for it. Do you even know the cost
    of vet bills, lose of work of the horse, how much it still cost to feed a
    horse even if it is not working? If she injured the horse through her fault
    then she would be liable.

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