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What are the funniest Homer Simpson moments? There is no doubt that Home is the funniest character on The Simpsons, and his scenes makes for some of the best Simpsons episodes. From the Stupid Sexy Flanders scene, to the Terminator reference and Homer getting so fat he actually saves the city, we looked at all the best moments in the Simpsons to bring you this list. So join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 best moments of Homer Simpson.

00:43 #10. Indiana Jones Spoof
01:30 #9. Dental Plan
02:14 #8. Homer Steals Moe’s Car
03:11 #7. Stupid, Sexy Flanders!
03:56 #6. BBQ Pit Rage
04:45 #5. It’s a Geo!
05:35 #4. King-Size Homer Saves the Day
06:30 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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  2. C’mon, not even an honourable mention for when homer was in New York and desperately had to go to the bathroom?  That moment had me bursting into tears with laughter.  Don’t get me wrong, all these homer moments are gold.

  3. They forgot the zombie Flanders episode. “Dad, you shot zombie Flanders!” “He was a zombie?”

  4. Stop talking over all the clips and just let us hear what the characters are saying! Thumbs down.

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