Two identical murders with no apparent link, a mysterious voice that saves a life, and a freak wind that transported a girl miles away. Did these stories actually happen, or are we having fun with our imaginations? Join us as we find out what’s fact.. or fiction.

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  1. Which was your favorite story!?
    Story # 1: The Mary Morris Murders
    Story # 2: Seconds From Death
    Story # 3: Blown Away

  2. This is like that show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. I love it! You have the perfect voice for telling mystery stories or even crime docs.

  3. I got all three right! Yay! The story about the two marys, it was actually on unsolved mysteries a long time ago!

  4. in Nigeria edo state mythology tornado will call it’s eziza. when he carry anybody sometimes 3or4 years months or weeks before the person can be found.when the person come back he becomes a native doctor ????

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