It’s only a game. Most of us are able to understand that concept and know that the virtual world of video gaming is nothing to get upset over. Yet there are those so intertwined in a false reality, that what happens to them in-game starts to affect their personal life.
These three tales follow gamers that were so invested in their digital lives that they could no longer separate the game from reality. Their stories of rage may be troublesome, but are they real? Do video games like fortnite create violence?


    • sothere1 not really. I’ve met many obnoxious shit heads when competing offline. The anonymity is a double edged sword. However, there is always the option to mute them. That’s what I do, mainly because i don’t want people to know who I really am behind the mask.

    • No video games to do are not a catalyst for violence broken homes (doesnt nessecarly mean devorced parents) and modern schools are

    • Yes, only online games. Why? Because online, behind anonymity, some people just can’t help themselves from being complete assholes. If you want to meet the most obnoxious and rude people on the planet, play games online.

    • Quite the opposite – they can rather be a vent for negative feelings. If someone takes a video game as inspiration for violence then they already have been unstable to begin with – in that case any media could be an inspiration.

    • Top 10 Archive yes and no. If the person is already on a demented path, video games, movies, etc could serve as as disturbing inspiration. Anyway, if not the video game, it would be something else

  1. i can say with confidence that the answer to this is NO this is just fake news or bad science or what ever you wanna call it . the truth of the matter is that this was started and and is still perpetuated by the anti gun people as another invalid reason to band firearms.

  2. I think yes and no. No because lots of people play violent videos, watch violent movies. ect. I think like..majority of video games do..
    Yes because it depends on the person’s mental state/capacity. Like I dont rage like my brother does in video games. I get upset but I dont bang on the walls or curse at the computer screen. He curses, bangs on the desk, throws things, slams the mouse, ect. Hes always had anger management problems. There is definitely something mentally wrong with him. I too have mental health problems but I dont rage at all. I just sigh and move on in the game. It most definitely, I think, a mentality problem that we as a society need to look into better mental health programs and try to catch the signs early. If you notice you rage, try going to anger management. Because you may not mean to do something in your rage mode but still do it. If you get what I’m saying.

    • yes i can agree. But this obsurd notion that video games them selves are the sole cause of violence or that it can in any way can change a persons base personality is just crap. This the anti gunners wont to fool people into believing so its become easier to band guns and video games and anything else that they decide they don’t like.

    • +hometownseven you’re an idiot. That’s literally what I was talking about. Again it’s the mentality of the person who is playing the game. Ffs. Read. Learn how to interpret the reading.

    • as i sed their is an under lyying problem. That needs to be dealt with. Video games are suposed to be hard if they wearnt their would be challenge to them its the banging on the walls and cussing and so on is manifestation of something more under the surface. my advice to your brother besides seeking help is put the game on easy mode and work your way up .

    • your brothers problem is not video games its that he needs to seek help to unstand the underlying problem that is causeing his symtoms

  3. For many video games is an outlet for anger. But still there are quite a few individuals who have this problem

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