Top 10 Scary Kidnapping Stories
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Kidnapping is scary – its that simple. Its something everyone fears in one way or another – and for good reason. Some kidnappers are mentally unstable, others have sadistic minds, some could be family members and others might be strangers who are looking for a large ransom for the victims safe return. I found a number of threads on Reddit with people discussing their personal experiences with kidnapping. They’re shocking, they’re disturbing – but their stories are definitely worth hearing. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Kidnapping Stories …

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  1. some one would have to be really desperate to kidnap me I dress like a bum and have no jewelry on

  2. I have a question for all you out there in the comments. You too, Danny, and Rebecca and Landon if you see this. Would it be scarier for you to be kidnapped by a family member or by a stranger? You may automatically think a stranger because you don’t know them and they might want to hurt you. However, being kidnapped by your own family who loves you would be so scary. Being betrayed by your family would be absolutely awful because you know they love you and they’d never want to hurt you, and yet…what if they never loved you all along? People on the outside wouldn’t know anything was wrong if it was your family unless they knew you and detected signs. Or if they just detected signs. I’m just throwing out this question here, I’m not an expert. So, what would be scarier? Getting kidnapped by a stranger or by a family member? Leave your comments down below and Danny, if you see this and find it interesting, I hope you feature it in a video because that would be amazing. You and Rebecca and Landon are awesome!

    • I think by a stranger because you wouldn’t know anything about them. But like you said, it would hurt knowing they probably didn’t like you.

  3. The barn one got me……I was kidnapped and raped in a barn…………..kinda hits home

  4. Kidnapper: I’m gonna kidnap you sorry kid

    Child: no u

    Child: * driving kidnapper away in white van*

  5. One time I was in first grade, playing in my yard alone when two teens walked by,and they came in my yard. The taller one kept yelling and laughing telling me to “go home” you know just some stupid kids who thought it was funny. But the other kid said like 5 times that he had candy and told me if I went on a walk with them he’d give it to me. I got scared and ran inside, crying. I told my parents that I fell and got hurt and I’ve never told anyone, although the kids did come back a couple weeks later,when I had a lemonade stand with my brother and friend, and the tall one said “what the hells wrong with my stupid lemonade” spilled it,and the other kid told me to come on a walk with him again

  6. Wait….

    When did the video saying Danny had left corn out?


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