Top 10 Scary Michael Jackson Conspiracy Theories
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There has always been so many conspiracy theories surrounding Michael Jackson and now with the new documentary out leaving Neverland millions of people have a ton of questions. Questions that we might never get an answer for. Have you guys seen the documentary? What did you guys think of it, and what do you think of Michael Jackson in general. I haven’t seen the documentary because I heard they show Michael Jackson in a horror light.

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    • +Translucent Blues You are worse than a girl on her period if you think you can insult someone like that. It’s stupid, and immature. So, stop being a PMS girl and gET OVER IT

    • Aww Landon having a hard time realizing your hero is a child molester…? *”I haven’t seen leaving Neverland cause they don’t paint Michael is a very positive light…”* says Landon Are you kidding? I bet you have a New Kids on the Block T-shirt as well. lol

      You are worse then a 5 year old grow up Landon or go back to where you’re from. And of course you see a resemblance in his “kids” Michael can do no wrong in your book, pfft!

  1. Is it possible that he fake his death, because he know some of his family mamber wanna kill him….

  2. That “Leaving Neverland” documentary is full of lies. Michael Jackson is INNOCENT

  3. This video reminds me of the 1998 season for the South Central Louisiana State Muddawgs, their hydration manager became an all american linebacker and helped the muddawgs win the bourbon bowl.

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