Top 10 Scary Sleep Paralysis Stories
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Sleep Paralysis sounds terrifying – I can honestly say I’ve never had it – I feel like I’m basically asking for it now that I’ve admitted that – but yeah, I feel really bad for the people who suffer from it. Essentially, you’re caught between the states of being awake and asleep – the victim finds themself conscious but unable to move or speak. To make matters worse – its often accompanied by a dreadful feeling that somebody is in the room with them – standing in the door, sitting on their bed – even hovering right over them – and there’s nothing they can do. To see just how terrifying this really is, I selected the most harrowing examples I could find – my name is Danny Burke, and this is the Top 10 Scary Sleep Paralysis Stories …

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    • So for me I had a horrid nightmare with a scary figure with a skeletal form it’s face a horrid grimace, eyes with black pupils, and with black hair. I woke up but I couldn’t move and all I could see was this thing was on top of me starring at me and it did nothing for a long time until my aunt came in and saw me crying, I couldn’t breathe and I was bawling

  1. I don’t have SLEEP paralysis but I want to have it because it sounds fun having a buddy come visit you

  2. The worst story by far is when the sufferer saw his own mother!! For some reason, that scared me more than all the other stories. Something about seeing someone you know and trust out of context in such a creepy way is terrifying!! As well, I had sleep paralysis as a small child (early 70’s) and I saw a man in a hockey mask in my room and I thought he was going to kill me! This recurred quite often during my childhod. When the Friday the 13th movie came out in the 80’s, I totally freaked out. I have never watched ONE friday 13th film!!!

  3. Oh my god…

    Number 7 exactly happened to me a few years ago, I swear that exact same sleep paralysis scenario happened to me.

  4. I have sleep paralysis all the time and it is very scary. I think the scariest thing is not being able to move. The most recent one I’ve had is a group of people trying to break into my dorm. I’ve had sleep paralysis since I was like five years old, so I’m normally aware of the situation when it does happen.

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