Top 10 Scary Russian Sleep Experiment Facts
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The Russian sleep experiment or otherwise known as Orange soda, was a sleep deprivation experiment that took place during World War 2. Russian scientists performed a series of unethical, unmoral and horrifying experiments on five political prisoners that can be compared to a modern-day horror story. Now of course people on the internet are claiming that the Russian Sleep experiment is merely just an urban legend or a creepy pasta but is it? What if this is a huge government conspiracy or cover-up? Let’s explore this topic more with our list of the top 10 scary Russian sleep experiment facts.

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  1. The Russian Sleep Experiment isn’t real. Never has been. These aren’t facts, they’re details of a story. This has been debunked so many times. You don’t need to make any more videos about it because it’s fake. You’re giving people who don’t know this never happened false information. Not cool.

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