Top 10 Scary Morgue Stories
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking all about the Top 10 Scary Morgue Stories! Before we get into this video ‘I want you to answer this for me’ does scare you? I have to admit that it does scare me. I have been getting a lot better at not being afraid of things over recent years, but still makes me uneasy, although as JK Rowling says as Dumbledore: To the well organised mind, is but the next great adventure.

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    • MostAmazingTop10 I wouldn’t say I’m scared of death I’m scared of dying in horribly brutal way.
      Also Rebecca I love your style !! I make theatrical costumes here in VA, can I make and send you a garment ? Making wearable art is my greatest joy 🙂

    • Ok so this was creepy and when you got to the story about the maggots i about threw up i was thinking ” really while I’m eating rebecca” lol very interesting video. I also want to say i absolutely love that top you are wearing i have one just like it but it’s red. But the color gold looks great on you and i love the material of the top. I just love this channel could watch it all day!

  1. I’ve had near death moments in life but I don’t fear death I would welcome him or her like a old friend but that’s me heck would have been dead before I was in my double digit age if I hadn’t been patched up was born with a hole in my heart which wasn’t healing so had to be open up and have the hole stitched up and I was about almost 3 years old

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