Top 10 Scary Artifacts That Prove Past Advanced Civilizations Existed
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Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top ten, I’m your host Che Durena. Now everything in one way or another is lost to time, well accept my rugged good looks. But there are pieces of history left behind so we can try and piece together what happened in the past. So today we’re gonna do some digging and try and find what used to be with our list of 10 ten scary artifacts that prove past advanced civilizations existed! Like always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell. And without any further ado lets get started.

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  1. I think we don’t give the ancients the credit they deserve, it’s quite possible life just keeps getting wiped out, I mean… we all know how to use a phone but how many people can explain how it works or remake one if there is a catastrophic event? I heard this from someone else on a podcast and it makes a lot of sense. It’s quite possible those that understood the technology of building the pyramids and puma punku as well as other ancient sites were wiped out 🤷‍♂️

    • I mean… of course they were wiped out but I mean that would explain why we no longer have the technology. Those who knew how to create the devices prolly all died out so now we just gotta go off of pictures and writings.

  2. Milwaukee is better….we didnt birth the worst sell out of em all auto tuned garbage

  3. have anyone thought about some not so old human being creating and reshaping using very old materials? simple..

  4. My theory on the spheres is that Earth may have been terraformed by an intergalactic race.

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