Scary Time Capsules From The Past
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Welcome back everyone, today I’m gonna be trying out a brand new format on this channel. This video is not going to be a Top 10 list. I know right, shock, horror – don’t panic though. We’ve done a couple of videos recently about time capsules and you guys have seemed to really enjoy them. The one thing I heard back from a lot of you though was that I didn’t go into enough detail. I hear you, its difficult to go into detail when you have 10 items to cover on a list though. So, we thought, why don’t talk more about time capsules and not limit ourselves by a number and instead, just talk about them. So that’s what this is. I’m gonna be going into more detail on some of the time capsules you loved and also ones that I’m sure you’ve never heard of before. I’m Danny Burke and these are the Scary Time Capsules From The Past.

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  1. You make me feel like a mentalist. Your voice and presence is so very soothing. I listen to your disturbing videos to help me fall asleep… makes me question the clarity of my mind often🙄🤔, but then I just play you and everything turns to Zen. 🤗😌😴
    Thanks for that- is what I wanted to say.

  2. Racially pure more than likely means blonde hair blue eyes, Hitler’s “perfect” race, the Aryans.

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