Top 10 Scary Time Capsules From The Past
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Welcome back everyone, this video has been my favourite one to work on for a while now. Time capsules are fascinating, people fill them up with items from their time and then bury them underground for tens, hundreds or even thousands of years. There are always time capsules being discovered and opened by people today. Most of the are fun, educational and nostalgic – sometime though, people unearth dark secrets of the past that people would rather forget. Once they reach the surface though, the secrets are out. Here are 10 of the best that I could find, my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Time Capsules From The Past.

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    • Actually, at 2:10 that’s /not/ from Inferno. It’s a twist on what Dante said was at the entrance to Hell which was “Abandon all HOPE ye who enter here” because.. it was the entrance to Hell. So actually it wasn’t creepy it was the grandmother’s way of saying she was happy and did not have regrets.

    • MostAmazingTop10 your youtube channel is filled with urban legend mostly scary everything is just scary

  1. Im have a tattoo that I dreamt of after one you top 10 thing is there was no pain at all … thank you guys .

  2. If i would make a time capsule
    Ill put in Posters of my hero academia and Re:Zero
    So people can know good anime exsisted in the past

  3. Thanks for the videos danny, I was inspired to create my own horror universe by watching ur scary urban legends videos. Love this channel

  4. Yeah Peter pan has a dark story to it. Peter is actually THE ANGEL OF DEATH he is the one who deliver’s the dead children to Neverland that’s why they don’t grow old or age BECAUSE THERE DEAD

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