Top 10 Scary Sleepover Stories – Part 3
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Welcome back everyone, I didn’t think I could do a part 2 of this series and look how far I’ve come – its part 3. Its difficult to find genuinley scary sleepover stories but when I do, oh they’re good – and these are some of the best. You’re gonna see what I mean – my name is Danny Burke, this is the Top 10 Scary Sleepover Stories Part 3.

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  1. I have had a lot of creepy crap happen to me over the years. This is one of, if not the scariest. I don’t like to tell this story that often. But here goes. When I was 18, I was spending the night at my best friends house because she wanted me to go to church with her the next day. She had converted to Catholicism and wanted me to check it out. I should say, I had always been a baptist up to that point but I was interested in seeing what Catholicism was all about. We ate pizza that night, and around 11 pm, we drifted off to sleep. She was on the bed and I was on an air mattress on the floor. I usually fall asleep on my side. During the night, I turned over onto my back. Now, her room has a small alcove it. When I turned over, I was facing the alcove. When I looked directly at the alcove, I saw what looked like a man standing there. I shook my head a little and blinked a couple of times. He was still there. As a matter of fact, when he/it noticed me looking at him, he came closer. He had horns, and his face was red and wet like he was bleeding. I screamed and when I did, he started smiling. My friend jumped up and was trying to ask me what was wrong. I just kept screaming Demon! Demon! Demon! This of course woke up everyone else in the house. No one else could see him. I was crying so hard. She reached over and grabbed her rosary beads and started praying. When she started praying, he started laughing and reaching for me. I dont know to this day why I did this, but I started screaming “Jesus” at the top of my lungs. Over and over again. Her dad picked me up and carried me downstairs. I was still screaming “Jesus”. The next thing I know, I wake up and I’m downstairs on the couch. My friend, her mom and sisters were there with me. They said as her dad carried me down the stairs, my eyes rolled in the back of my head and I just went limp. Needless to say, I didnt go to church with her and I am still baptist.

  2. There was one night I had a sleepover with my friend and my cousin. My friend was telling of us a story of a man who was murdered in the house across the street. As she finished telling the story, we hear a tap come from her window. We all looked over and saw a shadow peering into her room. We screamed and ran out. Later that night I woke up and felt nauseous, I ran to the bathroom and threw up, but then again that could’ve just been something from the chili I ate earlier for dinner that night.

  3. My scary sleep over story is when I slept over my friend’s old house. She always used to say that she could talk to the spirit of her great grandmother, who is dead. She was in her bed, and I was on an air mattress on the floor. We had this light that we would take turns holding, it projected the curve of a rainbow on the ceiling. we were talking about stuff like school and such, until she mentions her great grandma. just then our light went out and the room got colder and darker, we sensed a presence. My friend began to speak about good and evil and how the spirit of evil lives in her eyes. I felt really uncomfortable. It progressed like this until I heard a whisper next to my face, it said something about how evil lives in me too. After that the room got much lighter and I immediately fell asleep. she never spoke about that night again, and when asked, she doesen’t remember it at all. I hope you liked my story and consider doing a part 4 because I love scary crap like this!! As long as it doesn’t happen to me, like this experience. -White fire

  4. to protect those in this story i’m only going to use their first initial.
    The birthday girl is C and the other 4 girls are A, M, M-2, and S

    One sleep over that still resonates with me to this day, happened when I was in the 5th grade. It was my friend C’s birthday, which was a seemingly normal day. When the party ended, only myself and 4 others stayed to spend the night. A while into the evening her mom got a call to fill in at work, and left us by ourselves.

    Things were normal enough, we watched movies and listened to music, ate snacks, nothing too out of the ordinary. That was when myself and M-2 thought we heard something on the front porch. We checked through the blinds and didn’t see anything, just a car pulling in across the street. We figured it was nothing and our minds were just playing tricks on us. Not long after A said she thought she heard someone on the back deck. C turned on the light and there was nothing. Closing the curtains we went on with the night. As we began to get tired we decided to get ready to get some sleep. C’s bedroom was small, so we all decided we’d camp out in the living room, and set up our sleeping bags. I found myself between C and M-2 by the front door as A, M and S were on the other side of the room. We all continued to chat- whispering to each other till we fell asleep.

    As we were all about to fall asleep, we ended up hearing a noise again. M-2 and I looked to each other and C ended up grabbing my hand. One of the other girls whispered asking if we heard it too. Confirming this time we weren’t just hearing things. We heard a tapping on the sliding glass door in the kitchen which was just a room over then the sound of footsteps as they faded. Everything went quiet again. Then we heard footsteps on the front porch and saw a shadow pass by windows. Because of the light and the blinds we couldn’t really make out what it was.

    We all sat up and waited a few moments, just listening. But the man or whoever it was had stopped in front of the door. M-2, myself and C were just a couple of feet away, C gripping onto my hand and M-2 holding onto her knees. I kept my eyes on the door and we all heard the knob begin to jiggle. I tried to keep the girls calm as M got up and quietly made her way to the windows, while A and S crawled their way over to us. M carefully peered out. As she did she quickly retreated from the window, whispering to head into the bedroom.

    We locked the door as C called her mom to tell her what happened, M told us she saw a man, wearing all black and that he had a knife. As soon as C informed her mom, she called the cops. We remained there till they arrived. Her mom came home, and M spoke to the police explaining what she saw, and they did a search but didn’t find anything, even questioning neighbors and looking through their backyards. After that I was hella cautious being out at night, and always double and triple checked my locks at home since C lived around the corner from me.

    Don’t know if he ever got caught, never heard about anything after that.

  5. My scary sleepover story: “one night me and my best friend were in my room with the door open. With my door open, you can see the front door. It was around 2 a.m. and my friend was a sleep. I was about to fall a sleep, when i heard a creeking noise. I looked out my door, and the feont door was wide open. I vigorously shaked my friend, screeming and crying, untill she woke up. When she woke up, we both started screaming for my parents, who were on the other side of the house. The door was still wide open, when my dad ran in to my room, and closed the front door. My parents said that it was the wind, but i dont think the wind can open a closed door”

  6. I have a scary-ish sleepover story

    I was at a sleepover with a bunch of other girls ant it was about 3am -.-
    We where bored so i told a scary story the basic lines of it was there was a sleepover and they heard a bang on the window outside, running douwn the stairs and then someone jumped out of the bathroom and killed them all. Only about half an hour afyer i told the story my friends sister came home drunk and banged on the window. Then we heard banging down the stairs. So i had to go with anyone who wanted to go to the bathroom after that. And while i was taking one of the girls to the bathroom mh friends older brother jumped out the bathroom. Only two out of about nine girls spoke to me for the rest of the night. The only thing is, we still dont know who it was that was banging on the stairs, because i searched the bottom floor just after…

  7. Ok im never going to have a sleep over ever again also i contacted the devil whit the ouije bored app i said goodbey stright away

  8. This is a story my dad told me. Two girls who were having a typical sleepover and were dancing around the bedroom with a huge Papa Smurf toy listening to music. The mother called for them for dinner and the girls dropped the Smurf but realized that the Smurf was still dancing. The girl’s started screaming and the mother ran into their room and saw the Papa Smurf dancing on its own. The mother ran back into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and ran back to the room. She started stabbing it and BLOOD started pouring out of Papa Smurf. It stopped dancing, and they didn’t go back into that room for the rest of the night.

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