Top 10 Scary Missing Person Stories
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Welcome back everyone. I noticed we hadn’t really been giving you guys some proper mystery videos and I thought that needed to change right now. Today were talking about missing people – some of these people went missing long ago, some of them only vanished in the past few years – but all of them left a hole in peoples lives and one unanswered question – what happened to them? Its a question you’re going to ask yourselves when you hear their stories. Nobody’s been able to solve these cases, perhaps you’ll be able to shed some light. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Missing Person Stories.

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  1. No.2 MCCANNS, oh the MCCANNS. They’ll keep searching high and low, they’ll keep searching using public coffers but they’ll never search their consciences. Check out “embedded confessions”. Many parallels to the Jon Benet Ramsay case. And all in all, excruciatingly sad.

  2. Maybe the girls from number 10 used the flash of the camera to see in the dark for a few seconds and didn‘t actually want to take any pictures…

  3. Hey Danny! Two things, first why is England’s police called Scotland Yard? They aren’t based in Scotland, are they? Second, it’s spelled Daly City, but pronounced Daily City, just for future reference. 😀

  4. Cool and interesting, wouldn’t mind seeing a part 2. Or maybe people who were found under weird or mysterious circumstances?

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