Top 10 Time Capsules That Must NOT Be Opened
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Welcome back everyone! A while ago I did a video about scary time capsules from the past. That video did really well – it seems that you guys love time capsules. So, I went away and found some more fascinating time capsules to talk about. These are time capsules that we know the location of, we know who put them there, and we know were not supposed to open them yet … but if we did, what would we find? My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Time Capsules That Cant Be Opened Yet.

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  1. I decided to dislike this video. Irrelevant subjects apparently not allowed but you put a time capsule in the list, that isn’t even technically a time capsule yet.

  2. DANNY! Love your videos.
    After having probably one of the worst sleep paralysis moments one morning, I decided to look up intense cases, and came across one pasta-like story on Thought Catalog. “I thought I was suffering from sleep paralysis-” Then noticed you guys didn’t really have any top Sleep Paralysis videos. I think you guys could find a fairly creepy amount worth looking into. x) I hope you, and the crew had a wonderful new years!

  3. I vote for either the creepiest things found in time capsules or time capsules that are to be opened in 2019…or what the hell, why not both? LOL

  4. You guy need to stop doing creepy stuff what happen to stuff like “top 10 funny Facebook comments” or “top 10 funniest pranks ever” huh? Just what happen to the good days

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