Top 10 Scary Books You Should Avoid Reading At All Costs
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I love reading, i used to read a lot more when i was young idk how when you’re 13 or 14 you could just finish a book a day, i was so fast. My favourite genre is probably fantasy, contemporary and young adult. I used to read fear street horror books when i was young and loved them but in terms of REAL scary books that’s just not my vibe. But it may be yours so this is the Top 10 Scary Books You Should Avoid Reading At All Costs.

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  1. With the “Haunting of Hill House” one?
    Did that go on to become House on Haunted Hill?
    Either that or the two movies sound strikingly familiar…

  2. Just paying you a compliment, I enjoyed the video and your wardrobe has been on point lately

  3. I loved the fear street books. the sagas set on the past were my favorite!! I had all of them!! omg so nostalgic

  4. Read any of the books by Steve Alton. Out of the several I read, I would recommend the book titled, The Lock. It’s so good, I couldn’t put it down. 5 outta 5 stars IMO.

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