Top 10 Scary Things Robots Have Done
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Robots are starting to become more advanced each and every day. Here are just some examples of what robots have already done. Enjoy as we give you the Top 10 Scary Things Robots Have Done.
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  1. Hi Ayman!! You’re amazing!! Love the way you speak and it was such a treat to watch this one! Looking forward to other videos from you!

  2. Hate these videos were programming robots with human emotions and not treating them human we should just stop it or
    Just learn to treat the human and better

  3. Ayman!! When is the next video with you coming out? Loved your candour and your smile ❤️ you entertained me after such a long day at work!

  4. So they program the AI to learn and adapt, but get creeped out and shut the AI down when the AI start to develop some kind of personality or consciousness…
    Nice logic.

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