Top 10 Scary Alien Abduction Stories
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Welcome back everyone, today were going to be taking a look at the top 10 scary alien abduction stories. I believe there are aliens out there, whether or not they have visited Earth though, I’m not sure. What do you guys think? Do you believe there have been alien abductions. My name is Danny Burke, lets look at some stories from real people on this topic.

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  1. I believe in aliens. I believe that some are good, and some are not. I also believe in the multiverse. It might not be “real”, but believing in something is what makes it real. It doesn’t matter what others may think, it matters what you think.

  2. my friend and i went camping once with a group. then we saw a bright light after getting lost from the rest of our group. thinking it was the group we walked towards it. to our horror we saw a glowing non human object moving through the trees. yeah it was probably a weird person but still!

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