Top 10 Scary German Urban Legends – Part 2
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Welcome back everyone – if you like hearing scary stories and bad German pronunciations – you couldn’t be watching a better video on the internet. Seriously. Youve come to the right place – today we return to Deutschland for some more myths, stories and generally creepy tales. Listen up and think about which country you want me to do next – Im Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary German Urban Legends Part 2.

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  1. Well, this was an interesting but not scary video and, I amit, I can’t comment on “Where’s the Piped Piper?” Because he WAS mentioned in the first Top 10 German Urban Legends. Rats! You, sort of, won this round!

  2. Wow, doing one of Austria is awesome because I am in that country for vacation and would very much like to hear about it’s urban legends.

  3. Belgium also has a legend about a hoofprint in a cliff. It’s part of a story where 4 brothers ride a giant horse.

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